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Failure's Not Flattering

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Sigourney <3
27 June
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*:. [ name ] -
.:* [ age ] - 14
*:. [ sekz ] - girl
.:* [ xoxo ] - single

[ Favorite Bands! ]
BRAND NEW ♥ . Good Charlotte . Evanescence
. New Found Glory. Mest . Blink 182 . No Doubt .
Taking Back Sunday. Story of the Year . Sugarcult .
Nirvana . Linkin Park. Letterkills

[ Favortie Movies ]

THE NOTEBOOK . All Dogs go to Heaven . Labyrinth .
The Neverending Story. Lord of the Rings Trilogy .
Harry Potter 1,2,+3 . The Crow. Romeo + Juliet .
Tuck Everlasting . Mean Girls . Grease.
The Nightmare Before Christmas . Girl Interrupted . 16 Candles.
The Goonies . Queen of the Damned . The Breakfast Club . + more

[ Icons + Graphics ]

I make icons. I can also make info banners
If you want one made, leave the request in a comment on my journal.

[ Colorbars! ]

Jordan Pundik is HOT New Found Glory love

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i&apos;m in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

adgth, ahh! real monsters, aim, ambrosius, amy lee, animals, bazaars, beaches, beauty and the beast, benji madden, bethany beach, billy martin, black eyeliner, blankets, blink 182, blinkies, boy meets world, boys, brand new, bring it on, bring me to life, bubbles, burger king, candy, catalyst, chamber of secrets, charmed, cheerleading, chocolate, christmas, clifford, computers, constellations, cooper day, crescent moons, cruel intentions, cucumbers, dachshunds, daredevil, day dreams, ddr, delaware, dogs, draco malfoy, dreaming, dreams, easter, eric draven, evan peters, evanescence, even stevens, everybodys fool, faeries, fairy tales, falkor, fallen, fireys, friends, ghost stories, ghosts, girl interrupted, glitter, glow in the dark, glowsticks, going under, good charlotte, grease, green angel, gwen stefani, halloween, hanson, harry potter, haunted, horoscopes, hot topic, html, imaginary, jack skellington, jareth, jawbreaker, joel madden, labyrinth, legolas, linkin park, lord of the rings, lost souls, love spell, ludo, mark hoppus, masquerade balls, matt lavato, mest, moon, moonlight, music, my immortal, my last breath, my website, new found glory, nirvana, no doubt, orlando bloom, oubliette, paranormal, paul thomas, pearl harbor, piggys, pink, pink eyeshadow, pole vaulting, practical magic, queen of the damned, ren & stimpy, romeo + juliet, shopping, sir didymus, sleeping, snow queen, spice girls, stars, stickers, story of the year, stuffed animals, summer, taking back sunday, taking over me, that 70's show, the breakfast club, the crow, the days, the labyrinth worm, the lost boys, the neverending story, the nightmare before christmas, the prisinor of azkaban, the sorceress, titanic, tom delonge, tom felton, tony lavato, tourniquet, track, travis barker, truth or dare, vinegar, websites, whisper, whispers, wishing on shooting stars, witch child